NewDay USA Scholarship

NewDay USA Gold Star Scholarships

Purpose: To recognize the commitment and sacrifice made to our country by veterans and military families, the NewDay USA Foundation has established a scholarship fund for candidates desiring to attend select military high schools. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist young men and women in their pursuit of academic success and character development, and to prepare them to become leaders.

The NewDay USA Foundation Scholarship may provide up to $15,000 tuition assistance for students attending these schools. Participating schools will match this award. Families are expected to contribute as they are able. Eligible students may apply for the scholarships by completing an application with the schools to which they have been accepted.

Participating Schools


An applicant's parent or legal guardian must be:

  • a fallen U.S. armed service member killed on active duty; or,
  • a U.S. Veteran who has died due to their combat related service, or
  • a member of the armed forces who has been seriously and completely disabled in combat
  • independent of the scholarship application, applicants must apply to and be accepted by school to which they are applying

Selection Criteria

  • Priority is given to the children whose parents or guardians who have made the ultimate sacrifice, or sustained severe and complete disability in combat
  • Applicants will be evaluated based on all submitted materials. Essays, transcripts and references are key to evaluating the potential applicant.
  • Financial circumstance of the applicant's family may be considered


  • Select from any one of the participating schools on the AMCSUS website
  • Apply and be accepted to that school
  • Work with the Admissions office at that school to submit the scholarship application

Please note that the scholarships are competitive, and not all applicants who qualify for consideration will be awarded scholarships.

For more information, contact your participating school or contact Gary Morrison, Executive Director, NewDay USA Foundation, at 1-877-423-1214.