Benefits of Military School

Military School Is Unique

Military schools and military colleges offer unique challenges and great opportunities for today's youth.

A quality education is the foundation of each of the Association's member schools as they prepare young men and women to be engaged citizens and leaders of character by offering an exceptional learning experience with emphasis on character development, leadership training, and academic excellence.

Military academies and colleges stand on core values--like honor, integrity, duty, service and self-discipline. Traditional values are the hallmarks of AMCSUS military schools and colleges and our graduates embrace lives that reflect a commitment to these values.

A structured setting provides an ideal environment to learn and mature. Each of our military schools provides a unique learning environment that facilitates development and growth based on the age and experiences of the individual student. Time management, self-discipline, and motivation help each student identify clear goals for their growth and development. A nurturing and supportive faculty and staff are always available to assist each individual student through the challenges they will face.

The transferable skills learned at military schools or colleges are leveraged by our graduates regardless of the career path they choose.

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  • Military Colleges and Schools provide the structure, focus and leadership opportunities that facilitates and supports a rich liberal arts education
  • Military Colleges and Schools develop the "whole person" through a balance of STEM, language, arts and athletics programs
  • Military Colleges and Schools incorporate character development, values and service (to others) across all of their programs
  • Military Colleges and Schools are demanding and hold their students to a higher standard; this is done with purpose and without apology
  • The vast majority of military school graduates never wear a military uniform after graduation, but the transferable lessons gained through the "military education model" will serve them for the rest of their lives
  • Military College and School graduates gain the leadership skills, strength of character, and resilience necessary to succeed in any endeavor or career
  • Military Colleges and Schools develop leaders of character who bring positive change to their communities, our nation, and the world

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not an exhaustive list and may not represent every school. Please contact each school directly for their specific answers.

How can I afford military school?

Parents of cadets attending military schools have three avenues to make military school more affordable. First, many schools offer scholarships for overachieving cadets. Furthermore, most military colleges offer ROTC scholarships to cadets planning on serving as officers in the military after graduation. Next, some schools offer financial aid to families with need. To determine the process of applying for and receiving scholarships and/or financial aid, reach out to your school's admissions department

Finally, many financial institutions offer student loans for both military schools and colleges. Many schools have negotiated competitive rates with loan providers, so be sure to ask your school's admissions department who their preferred providers are.

What do graduates do after military school?

Most graduates of military high schools go on to a two or four-year college, while others enlist in the military or enter the private job market. Most graduates of military colleges either go on to graduate school or enter the private job market. Others are commissioned as officers in the military.

Is military service required?

No military service is required at any AMCSUS member school. Some cadets at colleges will be recipients of ROTC scholarships, which come with a military service commitment. All cadets are required to participate in military training and leadership classes while attending a military school or college.

When does enrollment period start?

While each school is different, many schools offer rolling admissions schedules - meaning students are admitted throughout the school year. The best way to find out is to talk to your school's admissions office.


We proudly work with groups to provide scholarships for our students, both at the secondary and the collegiate levels.

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