Prospective Members

Association membership is extended to essentially military schools possessing proven leadership programs (e.g. JROTC or similar leadership program), and which maintain good standing in their regional accrediting organization. An "essentially military" school is defined as an institution employing the military education model (which enhances academic learning by providing the structure, organization and leadership modeling that helps students learn), an institution which organizes its student body as a cadet corps, with students wearing uniforms and continually practicing military professionalism and discipline while at the college or school.

The process for consideration involves the following steps:

  • Interested school provides a letter to the AMCSUS Executive Director requesting membership consideration. The letter should include a brief description of the school: category, size, governance, Cadet Corps, leadership programs, faculty and staff.
  • Executive Committee decides if the requesting school meets the Association's membership requirements.
  • Requesting school coordinates and funds a one-day site visit by a team of three AMCSUS members (e.g. Current Head of School, Commandant or Dean and Executive Director).
  • Based upon the results of the site survey, the Executive Committee gives its recommendation for a membership vote.

Entire membership process highlighted above can be accomplished in less than a month.

Schools interested in exploring membership should contact the Executive Director: 1 (703) 272-8406 or