Annual Conference

Attendees include Heads of School, Academic Deans, Commandants and other key staff members. While Association Bi-Laws require all members be represented at the Annual Conference, the real reason to come is the amazing return-on-investment reported by attendees!

AMCSUS New Leaders Workshop

Attendees include New Heads (and other newly arrived school leadership). Program brings the Association's most senior leaders together with its new arrivals to provide insights into what it takes to run a successful school. This conference is usually aligned with the College Prep Conference for travel efficiency. The venue rotates between member schools.

Commandants Workshop

Attendees include Commandants and staff from the Association's member schools. Member schools take turns hosting this annual event which focuses on Commandant-related issues (e.g. leadership, cadet accountability, honor codes, supervision, etc.)

SMC Conference

Attendees include Heads and senior leadership from the Associations 7 Senior Military Colleges with presentations from U.S. Cadet Command, USN, USMC and USAF. Topics include commissioning programs, DoD and Service programs, Title IX issues, etc.). Conference venue rotates between SMCs.