Military School Scholarships

Each military school will have their own scholarship options and financial aid packages. Please contact them directly to learn about their options.


AMCSUS Leadership Scholarships

Each year AMCSUS holds a Leadership Competition which is open to our 40 member schools. Four $1,000 scholarships (two at the College level and two at the Prep School level) are awarded to current cadets. Nomination packages go out to each each member school in December, a scoring board is held in January. Scholarship award winners are notified in mid January in time for them to create a 30-second Youtube acceptance video which is shown as part of the Association's Annual Conference Awards Banquet in February.

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AMCSUS Purple Heart Scholarships

AMCSUS partners with the Purple Heart Foundation to award several $500 scholarships to current cadets who are related to Purple Heart Recipients and Veterans. Nomination requests go out each November with the award presented to the recipient school at the Association's Annual Conference in February.

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NewDay USA Scholarships

Purpose: To recognize the commitment and sacrifice that our Veterans and military families have made to our country, the NewDay USA Foundation has established a scholarship fund for candidates desiring to attend select military high schools. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist young men and women in their pursuit of academic success and character development, and to prepare them to become leaders.

The NewDay USA Foundation Scholarship may provide up to $15,000 tuition assistance for students attending these schools. Participating schools will match this award. Families are expected to contribute as they are able. Eligible students may apply for the scholarships by completing an application with participating AMCSUS schools to which they have been accepted.

SMA Alumni Foundation Legacy Scholarships

A scholarship program intended to perpetuate the legacy of our school, Staunton Military Academy (SMA). SMA was a special place for many young men from 1884 until 1976. Through this scholarship program, the alumni of SMA hope to preserve the memory of our school and what it has meant to all of us, by helping young people who share the values and ideals for which SMA stood.

Qualifications: Any student who has been accepted by an accredited 4 or 2 year institution of higher learning is eligible to apply.

Criteria: Scholarship selections are made by a committee composed of members of the Staunton Military Academy Alumni Foundation. The committee considers standardized test scores, high school academic, athletic, and extracurricular achievement, and essays provided by applicants in making scholarship selections. SMA Legacy status (being a descendant of an alumnus) is NOT a requirement for this scholarship, and such status will not give applicants priority over other better-qualified candidates. Legacy status may be used as a tie-breaker in deciding between two equally-qualified applicants.

Terms: Up to four scholarships with a minimum value of $1500 will be awarded annually. These awards will be renewable for up to four years.

We invite applications from high-school seniors who are planning to attend two or four-year colleges. There is no requirement that students attend a military college, and no requirement that students enroll in ROTC.