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Be Different

Military schools have a unique culture that is built on tradition and proven practices.

Students wear uniforms and participate in ceremonies that develop self-discipline and foster pride. Most are boarding (residential) schools where the students live together and are part of a student-lead organization that helps each student develop competencies as a follower, team member, and leader. Students learn the importance of self-discipline, time management, and to work together with others as part of a team.

  • Provide a Quality Education
  • Challenge Each Student
  • Emphasize Strong Values
  • Develop Leaders of Character
  • Promote Service and Citizenship
  • Encourage Spiritual Growth
  • Foster Close Relationships With Faculty
  • Provide Structure and Promote Self-Discipline
  • Develop the Whole Person
Senior Military College

Senior Military Colleges

4-year Colleges & Universities provide a superb education leading to a baccalaureate degree and, for those who choose, the opportunity to be part of a military organization that emphasizes leadership development, service, and core values--like honor, integrity, duty, service and self-discipline.

All schools offer optional programs that can lead to a commission in the Armed Services of our country.

Military Junior College

Military Junior Colleges

Two-Year Colleges offering an Associates Degree provide highly motivated young adults a smooth transition from high school to college with a rigorous academic program in a military-styled setting.

Our Junior Colleges also have unique programs (e.g. Early Commissioning Program) that offer the opportunity for early commissioning in the Armed Forces

Military High School

College Prep

College Preparatory Schools provide a quality education that prepares each student for success at college and develops the values and leadership skills necessary for productive citizenship.

Our College Prep Schools include both boys-only and coed programs. While the majority of our membership are boarding schools, some are day schools. We also have a growing number of charter schools.

Military School Voices

Listen to alumni speaking about their experiences.
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AMCSUS Scholarships

We proudly work with groups to provide scholarships for our students, both at the secondary and the collegiate levels.


AMCSUS Competitions

To foster camaraderie and competition between our member schools, AMCSUS holds three yearly competitions.



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