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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020

Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS)


Association members are recognized as the premier character and leadership education schools and colleges. Based on that recognition, our membership will expand to serve more young men and women across the nation.


The Association of Military Colleges and Schools provides a forum for Senior Military Colleges, Military Junior Colleges, and military college preparatory schools to develop the competencies and strategies that will educate and develop young leaders of character in a 21st Century military model.

  • Facilitate collaboration, collegiality, and the sharing of valuable information among our member schools in ways that foster institutional excellence.
  • Promote national awareness for the value that a military education and each school provides to students, the Services, our nation and the world.
  • Advocate education within a military-structured environment: character, leadership, and selfless service to promote academic rigor, wellness, and ethical development.


I. Support member schools by serving as a forum for information sharing, professional development, and the dissemination of best practices and lessons learned.

  • Continuously improve the annual meeting of all schools and colleges, providing an opportunity for members to form strong personal and professional networks.
  • Support the needs of member schools through annual meetings of SMCs, MJCs, Commandants, College Prep Schools and New Heads Workshops.
  • Facilitate the collection and sharing of information and best practices.
  • Explore options for electronic networking for the various functional areas of AMCSUS schools (e.g. listservs for Heads, Deans, Commandants, Counselors, Admissions, Marketing, Development Officers, etc.).

II. Assist member schools to achieve mission success and increase access to our military school model.

  • Develop and offer a school self-assessment tool/survey.
  • Identify and advertise subject-matter expert list to member schools.
  • Create a member-generated handbook of essential program elements of successful military schools.

III. Create a national identity amongst Association schools and become the voice for character and leader development in a military school environment.

  • Pursue opportunities for intra-AMCSUS annual competitions (e.g. academic and leadership bowls, rifle team, 5K runs, cyber events, etc.)
  • Publish in appropriate forums of influence (magazines, publications, online, OPEDs, etc.) regarding the value and benefits of a character-based education in an Association school.
  • Create products for external constituents extolling the value of a military school education.

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