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External Summer Camps


At the start of the 2015-2016 school year, SJNLA created a new position dedicated to handling all school and campus projects and activities that were not solely of an academic or leadership nature and encompassed overall operations. This position, Special Projects Coordinator, was specifically sanctioned to handle the organization, planning, and coordination of matters that dealt with outside entities using Academy facilities and services or those providing SJNLA with services beyond our own capabilities. Under that umbrella of responsibilities fell the task of soliciting, managing, and coordinating all internal and external agencies using our campus during the summer months for camps and other activities.

SJNLA has sought to increase external revenue streams by expanding the marketing of its campus and facilities to a broad range of users. Prior to 2015, most of the summer activities that took place at SJNLA were internally run and included: Lancer Day Camp (grades 1-6), Adventure Camp St. John’s (age 10-16), and Summer OPS (SJNLA Summer School). While these programs have had a positive affect marketing, revenue, and enrollment for the Academy as a whole, it still left facilities and other available resources unused throughout most of the summer months resulting in wasted opportunity.

Over the past 2 years, SJNLA has built relationships with the following organizations that now hold their annual summer camps here. Additionally, SJNLA has built and now offers Academy run activities and leadership training that these organizations have incorporated into their camps. This has not only increased attendance at these camps, but it has also resulted in long-term commitments to basing these camps at our Academy giving us an additional revenue and enrollment stream.

SNJLA External Camps