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Behavior Stamps

By: Dr Mark Ryan

A best practice we employ for behavior management is a stamp and hole punch system.

All middle school teachers wear a stamp (a star) on a lanyard while in class. As students answer questions, behave appropriately in class and are on task, teachers place one or multiple stamps in a notebook given to each student to record notes for class. If a student misbehaves, the teachers quietly moves next to the students na puits a single or multiple hole punches on the same notebook page. At the beginning of this process, it is explained to students that a hole punch is not a major demerit to their record, but a quiet reminder that they need to change an unwanted behavior or adjust an incorrect choice.

At the end of w week, the students are asked to reflect on their notebook and complete a chart that accounts for their number of stamps versus their number of hole punches. The students are then rewarded for their behaviors based on a scale. From 1-19 stamps, they get the equivalent of a 3rd place prize. 20-34 earns a second place prize. 35+ earns them a first place prize. If a student gets a 0 total (no hole punches and no stamps or the same of each) no reward and no punishment is given. If a student is in the negative then they have earned demerits in our citizenship program. In worse cases, we get to a level of having a parent come in to meet with staff. In the case of truly egregious cases, students re removed from the room and managed in another manner.

The opportunities for students to earn more stamps than hole punches mean that they are in the majority in positive behavior at the end of the week. This is helpful for them to realize that even if they have one bad day, their citizenship is not as adversely affected. The middle school staff has seen a dramatic increase in positive rapport from most students using this system.


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