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Be the Best (Soft Skills)

By: LTC (R) Kenny Payne

We use Hip-Pocket Training in between lessons and or after a lesson has been completed. (Soft Skills)


Appearance & Professional Image Attendance & Punctuality
Attitude & Respect
Social Media Ethics
Discipline & Character
Oral & Written Business Communication Skills Productivity & Academic Performance Responsibility & Organization Self-Management & Time Management Teamwork & Work Habits

Required Project -Job Shadowing, Community Service Or Career Research Project.

Unfortunately, many students are not prepared to operate in a working environment.
I am using the Georgia BEST tools and using the State of Georgia program. This gives students the chance to gain these skills, while allowing them an advantage in promoting themselves in the highly

Competitive job market that exists today

Recognized as a Georgia BEST student.
Awareness of the value of work ethic components.
Develop a sense of awareness of the importance of being prepared for the demands of the 21st Century

Workforce and higher education.
An understanding of what appearance communicates to customers and co-workers.
Training in productivity, goal setting, time-management, problem solving, and self-management skills. l Utilize the Training to their advantage on resumes, college applications, and on job interviews.
Gain an advantage over students without Soft skills awareness.
Use The State of Georgia Web Site.


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