All School Meetings

By: Bill Hargraves

All School Meeting and mentor-mentee time every week

In order to build community through common experiences and shared understanding create a weekly all-school meeting. This gives the School an opportunity to share the good news, discuss important issues, learn and appreciate perspectives from one another, and celebrate important traditions.


All School Meetings are 20 minutes and the community meets at the auditorium.
All students and faculty meet in one central location for calendar briefs, presentations and remarks from students, faculty/administrators, and guests.
Monthly school (academic and athletic) awards and achievements are presented
Videos, skits, and presentations are shared for upcoming school events
The meetings are primarily student-ran, produced, and coordinated by two (one boy, one girl) assigned leadership positions working with the Communications Department

After the All School Meeting, students have 20 minutes to meet with their mentor faculty and staff to catch up on how things are going. (Note: Every faculty and staff member is a mentor for a group of 4-6 students and acts as a person to check in with weekly.)

Better retention, more school spirit, better communication, and a palpable sense of being part of something larger than self


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