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All School Assembly

By: Capt Mark Black

We recently reinstituted the practice of conducting an all school (staff, faculty and cadets) assembly mid-week to discuss pertinent issues that affect all hands. Evidently this is something that had been done in the past, but the practice had waned in last couple of years. Upon coming on board it was evident to me that we needed to concentrate on some core values. I personally taught the first couple of sessions to start this off concentrating on duty, honor, integrity, commitment and courage. We have also incorporated guest speakers; primarily alumni that have gone on own their own businesses. Their messages have complemented our instruction exceptionally. It is difficult to convince current teenage boys the importance of adhering to the direction of leadership, whether it emanates from the staff or the Corps, and being good followers contributing to the achievement of school/Corps objectives. Almost universally each of the alumni speakers emphasized that the leadership principles learned while attending Fishburne have been instrumental in their endeavors as a business owner. We also brought some speakers in to speak on issues such as drug abuse and morality. Both of these speakers well exceptionally well received and their message resonated. Both received a standing ovation following their comments. As we take this program forward I believe it will need to be more structured and developed to address the needs and concerns of the Corps. I also believe it is important to reserved slots for guest speakers, who based on our experience this year have amplified the intended messages.