Academic Support/Strategies

By: Ms.Nikki Arvanitis

Cadets are identified for Academic Support/Strategic Intervention either through a review of grades at every grading period or by teacher referrals. Once identified, cadets are assigned to a Case Manager (certificated teacher on the faculty) who meets with the cadet on a daily or every other day basis. Meetings are held from 1545 to 1730 every day. The meetings are to review work done in all classes, missing assignments, project timelines, parent notifications, and anything related to the cadet’s academic success. During the days that the cadet is not meeting with his/her Case Manager, the cadet is attending tutoring and receiving academic support in the core content area most in need of work.

The Case Management system of providing academic support and strategic intervention is founded in the research that finds the greatest single condition that leads to academic achievement (particularly with lower income cadets) is the building of a strong relationship between teacher and cadet. The relationship is not an enabling relationship, but rather one that holds high expectations for the cadet and provides daily accountability for performance in the classroom. When a cadet knows that he is going to be meeting with his Academic Support Case Manager at the end of the school day there is less likelihood that assignments will be missed or homework will not be turned in. The Case Manager, as part of the meeting, will look at every teacher’s grade book online and be able to determine quickly the level and standard of performance for each cadet on his/her case load.