Parents See the Positive Impact of Military Schools

Jul 25, 2017

Below is an recent email from a parent of a Fork Union Military Academy student extolling the positive impact the school has had on her son and the example he now sets for others.

Hello All!

I hope this finds everyone well, and enjoying summer! I wanted to share this article on a recent Youth Mission Week that Brennan was a part of. While I’m sure many teens have selflessly given up a week or two of their summer for work like this, I wanted to point out and elaborate on how FUMA has made a difference in this particular one.

The home Brennan was working on was a single-wide trailer with 7 people living in it, including 4 children ages 6-11. There was no running water to the home. They had no kitchen – just a couple of dilapidated cabinets hanging, literally, off the walls. A microwave sat upon the filthy, plywood floor in the corner. The electric service to the home was shoddy, at best. And the front and rear decks were falling down. His team had a lot to accomplish in 5 working days. They planned to: restore the water to home, install a complete kitchen, update the electrical service, add ceiling fans, and repair the decks. However, despite their long days and extra efforts, the Team fell short on the completion of these proposed improvements. The final day of Mission Week was spent at Twin Lakes Park enjoying a day of swimming, playing and cooking out. The two adult leaders of Brennan’s team were skipping the party and heading back to work on the home in hopes of finishing what they could. When Brennan learned of their plans, unsolicited, he offered to give up his day of fun and join them for another grueling workday in 95+ degrees. Out of 14 kids on his team, only two others joined to go back to the home that final day.

There is definitely a difference in the youth that is a cadet at Fork Union. You can, often glaringly, pick them out of a crowd of their peers. They stand a little taller, act a little better, give a little more. And if it ever comes into question why there is a need for a school like ours in today’s world, if for nothing, it’s things like this. A 15 yr old, after giving of themselves for a week, willingly offers to give one day more to help, to improve, to change the lives of those around him.

What a blessing FUMA is to our son, and I just wanted to share this, and as usual, express my gratitude for the all the ways you all make this possible for him.

See you in few weeks!

Trich Stone

PS – FUMA was well represented for the week, not only by Brennan’s presence and character, but also by his clothing! He wore “old” Athletics every day as work clothes, and “new” Athletics for dinner/evening activities!! Everyone knew who he “belonged to”!!