More Leadership Opportunities at Admiral Farragut Academy

Dec 11, 2018

Each year, a new leadership team in the corps of cadets is chosen by the administration, Naval Science Department, and educators at Admiral Farragut Academy. With over 85 rising seniors entering the 2018-19 school year, Naval Science has decided to separate the corps of cadets into two leadership regiments which reflects the model used by many other military academies.

What does this mean? One leadership regiment, which includes the regimental commander, the regimental staff, and the battalion leaders, will lead during the first semester of the 2018-19 school year. During the end of the first semester, a new regiment will be chosen to lead during the second semester which will give additional cadets the opportunity to earn leadership positions and that valuable experience of leading their peers.

As an academic institution, our job is to give our students the necessary tools to be successful at the university level. Most universities are looking for well-rounded individuals who are involved and doing well academically, athletically, and are involved in extracurricular activities.