MMA Nominated Bright Futures USA’s Partner of the Year

Aug 14, 2018

Missouri Military Academy is announcing that they have been nominated as Bright Futures USA’s “Partner of the Year” in the Corporate and Small Business category.

Advisory Board Chairman of Bright Futures Mexico Dana Keller said that MMA was nominated because of their excellent mentorship.

“The MMA cadets are so dedicated to faithfully seeing their lunch buddies,” she said. “When they are there in uniform, the kids instantly look up to those boys; it makes such an impact. They are stronger than your regular mentor.”

Since March of 2014, Keller said, Bright Futures Mexico has been connecting adult mentors with local students in a one-on-one relationship through the Lunch Buddy Program. Currently, over 200 students in Mexico Public Schools benefit from this program.

“MPS currently has over 2,000 students, and we serve about 200 lunch buddies,” Keller said. “When it comes to this program, there is no such thing as too many. Every child needs a positive adult presence in their lives, every child deserves a champion; the mentors are the adult they needed as a child. Our mentors encourage, build self-esteem, and keep their lunch buddy on the right track.”

MMA Librarian and Lunch Buddy Sponsor Fran Robley said that participating in the program is a labor of love.

“As someone who taught for 24 years, I know how much one special person can help a child,” she said. “I truly believe the program benefits our cadets as much as it does their little buddies.”

Bright Futures USA believes that “every child needs a champion.” They are a national non-profit organization dedicated to the deployment, implementation and support of the Bright Futures Framework. This means that Bright Futures USA works to share this framework with additional communities and support the communities already in place so that more children may be reached.