Military School Job Openings

Location: Delafield, WI
July 20, 2021

Job Title:  Upper-level Chemistry Teacher

Department:  Academics

Position reports to:   Academic Dean

FLSA Status (Exempt/Non-Exempt):   Exempt

Full-time/Part-time:  Full Time

Position Summary:    

A faculty member at St. John’s Northwestern Academies (SJNA) has the opportunity to play a significant role in a young person’s life.  Due to the fact that SJNA is a boarding school, a faculty member has unique opportunities not present in traditional day-school settings. Also, the demands placed on a faculty member at SJNA exceed those of a traditional day-school.  A faculty member at SJNA who thinks beyond the classroom and understands their role as more than just a job, but rather as a vocation, will have a rewarding experience.


Essential Duties:

  • The primary responsibility of a faculty member at SJNA is to provide highquality classroom instruction in a safe, well-managed, inclusive atmosphere. This requires proper classroom preparation including the use of an established curriculum as a guide and updating it as necessary.  A teacher needs to be available before school and after school (tutorial) for students who need additional help.  In dealing with students, teachers need to be fair, respectful, and use sound judgement when dealing with discipline issues.  Teaching styles and strategies should be varied in response to the needs of students and be focused on student engagement in the learning process. Students should be challenged but not overwhelmed and should find meaning in their coursework. The overall mood of the classroom should be a positive and student-centered learning environment.
  • Faculty members are required to provide leadership and guidance through the Advisor Program. In this program teachers are to build healthy and appropriate relationships with students assigned to them, encourage them, and provide guidance as needed.
  • Faculty members need to be effective communicators and team-oriented within the Academy and with those whom we serve outside the Academy. Teachers need to be proactive in their communications, appreciating that communication is a two-way street and that seeking and receiving information is just as important as sending it out clearly. This includes reaching out to parents on a regular basis to keep them aware of their student progress and promptly returning parent phone calls and emails. Teachers need to work cooperatively with and in support of their peers, Resident Faculty Officers, advisors, parents, and all others in service to the best interests of students. Overall actions, direction, and intentions should be in support of the Academy mission.
  • Faculty members are also required to be effective classroom administrators. Attendance needs to be taken promptly and accurately at the start of each class period in the online School Information System (SIS). Assessment and grading of student performance need to be fair and justifiable.  Grades need to be entered into the SIS on a timely basis. Progress reports need to be written clearly and professionally.  Students needing extra help should be placed in tutorial and, if needed, assigned to extra evening or weekend study halls as outlined by the current policies of academic standing.
  • Faculty members are required to support the Academies through supervision of extracurricular activities and by providing support for social events (chaperone duty). Classroom instruction is only one part of the integrated role the faculty play at the Academies.  Sports, clubs, and other after school events require leadership and supervision by faculty members.
  • Faculty need to support the structures of the Academies.  Both the military structure and the prefect structure are designed to support the education and development of the cadets and students. Therefore, it is important for the classroom teacher to work within those structures, supporting both at all times.  While each teacher needs to express their own leadership in their classroom, it must include and support the philosophies of both Academies.
  • Faculty members are expected to work toward continuous improvement of their knowledge and practice of teaching and learning through professional development opportunities, both those presented by the school and through their own personal initiative. Appreciating that teaching is both an art and a science—demanding continuous improvement, reflective practice, and an experimental mindset—is an important and expected disposition for an SJNA faculty member.

Supervisory Duties:

  • Learning Commons (study hours)
  • Chaperone events (as assigned)
  • Willingness to support the Academies’ Athletic/Extracurricular programs



  • Should have strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and desire to make a difference in a young person’s life.
  • Must have the ability to supervise students both in classroom and non-classroom settings in a safe, healthy, and controlled manner.
  • Must have an appreciation for the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with cadets and students to facilitate effective learning.
  • Should demonstrate integrity and strong moral character.
  • Must be able to work both independently and within a team.
  • Should be technologically competent by modern workplace standards (email, word processing, find and utilize online resources, able to learn online gradebook and SIS, etc.)


  • A masters in Chemistry or Chemistry education is strongly preferred.
  • Experience teaching AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Dual Credit (college) courses preferred.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

  • A valid teaching license in the appropriate area/level of mathematics is required. If a candidate possesses a Master’s degree or higher or has significant work experience in the relevant field, exceptions are possible to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Anna Gagnon 

Administrative Assistant to the President
1101 Genesee Street
Delafield, WI 53018-1498
Office: 262-646-7113