Military School Job Openings

Location: Watne, PA
March 7, 2023



Department: Commandants

Sub-Department: N/A

Direct Supervisor: Commandant of Cadets

Position(s) Supervised: N/A


The TAC (Teach, Advise, and Counsel) Officer is responsible and accountable for the daily operations, training, discipline, leadership development, management and overall supervision of the cadets assigned to their unit. Maintains a safe and secure learning and living environment and oversees appropriate behavior management in accordance with the published rules and regulations. Is the primary point of contact for all actions associated with the cadets of their unit and are the primary counselor and role model to their cadets in shaping ethically-minded citizen-leaders of character. TAC’s also have additional duties in support of the Academy’s summer programs, training management, and professional development. They are expected to develop both team and personal relationships with Cadets, built on trust and mutual respect, and teach life skills. TACs lead by precept and example and are the embodiment of all the school was established on by its founder. The Barrack’s Advisor is responsible for advising, coaching, and guiding the cadets who reside in their assigned barracks as they negotiate their cadet responsibilities. This includes but is not limited to academic, tactical, community, VFMA&C, peer, family, and personal responsibilities and challenges.


  • LEADER: The TAC Officer is a leader in their assigned units and is responsible for what the entire unit does or fails to do. The Officer will be a model in appearance, conduct, language, bearing and leadership. Devote themself to creating an orderly, disciplined, motivated and responsive envi­ronment with their unit which they can encourage, lead and teach the cadets.
  • COUNSELOR: Responsible for providing both performance counseling and developmental counseling to assist cadets in becoming better leaders of themselves and other members of the corps as needed but not less than monthly. Representing the institu­tion may assume all the duties, liabili­ties and responsibilities of the lawful parent. Develops working relationships with other staff members such as the Chaplain’s Office, Guidance Department, Counseling Center and Health Center, as well as with other members of the Staff and Faculty, to provide the proper direction in a cadet’s life.
  • TRAINER: The TAC Officer will be knowledgeable of all phases of drill and capable of instructing School of the Soldier, Manual of Arms, Saber and Sword Manual and Physi­cal Training. Responsible for the selection, training and development of the cadet leaders in his unit, ensuring each of them knows what is expected of them and how they may successfully meet their leader­ship obligations.
  • DISCIPLINARIAN: The TAC Officer maintains good order and discipline by administering corrective action, on-the-spot correction, leadership teaching, and upholding of standards. Cadets who do not meet the standard are subject to disciplinary actions within their unit according to published regulations and directives. TAC Officers are responsible for tracking, administering or recommending to the appropriate levels and boards for adjudication.
  • ADMINISTRATOR: The TAC Officer is responsible for ensuring their unit meets all the administrative and operational daily inspections of their unit area to check for cleanliness, energy conservation, and those inspection standards have been met. Prepares work orders relating to barracks damage and uniform fair wear and tear and attributes responsibility of cost.

Perform officer in charge or other duties as directed by the Commandant of Cadets.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree, in Social Sciences, i.e. Education, Counseling, or Social Work.

Experience: Prefer previous military, or law enforcement experience. Previous experience working with adolescent boys, (Middle/High School) and young College-age adults (female/male) and/or background experience as a counselor within a residential/boarding school environment.


    • Good oral and written communication skills with developmental leadership skills.
    • All Applicants will be background checked in accordance with the Pennsylvania Dept. of Ed.
    • Computer skills and knowledge to work with basic programs
    • Willingness to work with Adolescent boys, or College-age, young adults
    • Must be highly energetic, observant, and aware and must be an individual of integrity.
    • Flexible Schedule including nights and weekends.


David R. Dortch

Deputy Project Manager

Office: (215) 588-8897