Military School Job Openings

Location: Roswell, NM
March 20, 2024

New Mexico Military Institute

Employment Opportunity

Faculty – IPA (Fine Arts)

About New Mexico Military Institute: New Mexico Military Institute’s (NMMI) middle grades school, Intermediate Preparatory Academy (IPA), offers a unique curriculum incorporating immersive/intensive and hands-on learning experiences within a structured environment. In Fall 2024, IPA will extend its enrollment to include 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, with a total enrollment of approximately 90 students.

Position: The Faculty – IPA for Fine Arts (with an emphasis on Music) at the Intermediate Preparatory Academy (IPA) will fulfill a multifaceted role focused on instructing students in various forms of visual and performing arts. This person will provide instruction in theory and practice for music: band, orchestra, choir, music appreciation, and in the artistic techniques to nurture creativity, teach artistic skills, and foster an appreciation for the arts. This is an exempt, 9-month, full-time position. The salary is based on experience and education level. The job description is available upon request.


Instruction and Curriculum Development:

Classroom Management:

Assess student progress through assignments, projects, performances, and exams.

Provide constructive feedback to help students improve their skills.

Integrate arts education with other subjects to enhance interdisciplinary learning and creativity.

Other duties as assigned.

Essential Skills:

Staying current on the latest teaching methods and trends in arts education and participating in professional development opportunities.

A commitment to continuous professional development opportunities and workshops.

Work under the direction of the IPA Head of School and NMMI Fine Arts departments to promote a successful Fine Arts program.

Working with colleagues, parents, and administrators to support the overall development of students.



Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in an approved area of fine arts, education, or a related field.

Teaching license or equivalent evidence of pedagogical knowledge.

Two years of teaching experience at the middle school level or equivalent evidence of ability.


Master’s degree.

Emphasis in Music.

Why Should You Apply?

NM Educational Retirement Board (ERB) pension plan through the State of New Mexico.

Competitive pay.

Excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance through the State of New Mexico.


Small class sizes.

Diverse student body.

Curricular rigor and intellectual freedom.

Highly structured institutional culture and classroom management support.

Development and leadership opportunities.

How to Apply: Send your application, resume, transcripts, and letter of interest to the NMMI HR Office

located in Luna Hall, 101 W College Blvd, Roswell, NM, 88201, or email

Applications are located at: NMMI is

an Equal Opportunity Employer.