Military School Job Openings

Location: Ogden, Utah
September 5, 2023
Starting: ASAP

Job Title: Chief of Staff for Utah Military Academy System of Schools

Wage/Hour Status: Exempt / At-Will, $90,000+,

Relocation help provided

Reports To: Superintendent

Pay Grade: 12 months

  1. Primary Purpose: The Chief of Staff serves as a key strategic planner, advisor, decision- maker and problem solver for the Superintendent managing special projects and leading key initiatives. The Chief of Staff supports the Board of Trustees by coordinating the development of Board policy and by preparing/contributing to reports, briefings, presentations and other communications for the Board. The Chief of Staff represents the district and the Superintendent at public events and in various capacities with government and community organizations; facilitates communication with all stakeholders; and ensures that the Superintendent’s office is responsive to the needs of the Board, staff and community with particular attention to supporting equity and diversity.
  2. Qualifications:
    Education/Certification: Bachelor’s degree in education, communications, public relations or related field. Advanced degree, preferred. Military service preferred. Special Knowledge/Skills: Exceptional communication skills, including the ability to actively listen to others, build consensus and resolve conflicts Ability to coach, coordinate and lead teams to achieve assigned goals, including the ability to manage and complete projects with attention to detail and under tight deadlines Ability to tailor a message for the audience, context and mode of communication Ability to establish clear expectations, deliverables and deadlines Ability to set clear agendas and facilitate effective meetings Knowledge of Utah Open Meetings Act, Utah Public Information act, and Utah Education Code.
    Knowledge of Board Policy and the policy development process

    Experience: Minimum of five (5) years leadership experience in a school district, government agency or non-profit organization. Experience working directly with elected officials, superintendents, executive cabinet leaders, school board members, city managers, non-profits and/or community representatives, preferred. Experience as an executive-level partner to the CEO of a governmental, non-profit, or for-profit organization, preferred

  3. Major Responsibilities and Duties:

 Serve as an executive-level partner to the Superintendent analyzing, interpreting, and providing other recommendations to the Superintendent concerning district issues and other matters.

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  •   Manage special assignments on a short-term basis and provide effective intervention in complex situations.
  •   Initiate and lead interdepartmental teams in analyzing specific issues or problems and in developing strategies and recommendations to effectively address them.
  •   Assist the Superintendent in ensuring that the Board has all background information necessary to make decisions relative to the direction of the district.
  •   Serve as a key member of the Superintendent’s leadership team coordinating agendas and ensuring that follow-up actions are completed.
  •   Serve as the Superintendent’s liaison in monitoring and facilitating the progress of staff led projects and initiatives while ensuring that such work is responsive to the needs of the Board, staff and community.
  •   Coordinate the development and adoption of Board Policy.
  •   Provide staff with information on policies and administrative guidelines and serve as

    a resource for staff members with questions regarding their interpretation and/or


  •   Assist with matters related to legislation and intergovernmental relations.
  •   Support the Board and Superintendent in identifying legislative priorities and

    communicating with local elected officials.

  •   Facilitate external relationships with community groups, policymakers, and other

    stakeholders responding to inquiries, concerns, and complaints as needed.

  •   Provide oversight and leadership for the functions of district communications and

    public information/records management, including celebrating the accomplishments

    of staff, students, and the community.

  •   Perform other duties as determined by the Superintendent.
  1. Supervisory Responsibilities: The Chief of Staff directly supervises the communications and records management/public information functions.
  2. Working Conditions: Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors: Maintain emotional control under stress, work with frequent interruptions. Some districtwide and statewide travel. Occasional prolonged and irregular hours.

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Whitney Horning

District Operations Manager
Academy & College Advisor
Utah Military Academy District Office