Military School Job Openings

Location: Sun Valley, CA
April 12, 2021
Starting: ASAP


Assistant Athletic Director for Athlete Health Care and Wellness /

Head Athletic Trainer

The North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy (NVMI) ( is a grades 6-12 public charter school in Sun Valley, CA (Northeast San Fernando Valley).  We serve a wonderful, yet challenging demographic of students, most of whom come to us having experienced trauma in their young lives – trauma from violence in homes and the community, substance abuse, gangs, exploitation, and death to name just a few sources.  More than 98% qualify for free and reduced lunch, more than 25% are identified Special Education, half are English learners, and nearly all have experienced significant academic and behavioral failures in previous school settings.

Our vision is simple yet demanding – get every one of our students accepted into a four-year college or university and have them ready for college English and math without having to take remedial coursework.  Our school is built on four pillars – ACADEMICS that prepare cadets for college; LEADERSHIP which is learned and practiced by leading peers; CITIZENSHIP to become the best human beings possible that treat others with respect, do the right thing, and make our world a better place; and ATHLETICS which promote lifelong habits of wellness (physical, emotional, and psychological).

NVMI is not a boot camp.  We use the structure and discipline of a military model to provide an environment with predictable standards and high expectations where every student (called a cadet at NVMI) knows they are loved and cared for both as people and as learners.   We believe that every student can learn and will learn if they have enough support to overcome the many obstacles they face.

As a military school, people often assume NVMI cadets will march everywhere, do push-ups on command, and sit in straight rows yelling “yes sir” and “no ma’am” as a matter of habit.  Cadets do march and do physical fitness activities and use military courtesy.  But academic classrooms at NVMI look and feel like any QUALITY academic classroom in America.  Students collaborate regularly in small learning teams that are essential elements of all classes. They are expected to participate in group discussions and occasionally work independently and do silent work. But cadets are expected to be active participants in their learning and teachers expected to create conditions for learning which maximize the likelihood that each cadet masters Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as other applicable state and national academic standards.


The ideal candidate will be:

  • Highly competent at clinical practice and patient care
  • Caring, compassionate, and dedicated to helping each cadet achieve to their full potential
  • Patient, forgiving, and consistent
  • Committed to improving the athletic and physical performance of each student as measured both on internal and external assessments
  • Willing to support student success through individual and small group/team interventions
  • Insisting on student compliance with school rules and policies in a way that gains student cooperation and buy-in because such cooperation has logical positive consequences
  • Promoting the college-going mindset by implementing and supporting a variety of schoolwide “executive function” programs and activities
  • As NVMI is very much at the nascent stages of its development (we are now in our eighth year of operation), the successful applicant not only needs to possess the characteristics listed above and be philosophically be 100% committed to the vision, but must also welcome the challenge of buildinga school community that achieves that vision and has ideas about how to do so.

A successful NVMI Assistant Athletic Director / Head Athletic Trainer may have lots of experience or may be new to the profession. But the ideal candidate will possess ALL of the above characteristics and philosophically be 100% committed to the above vision.  Further, NVMI staff members fulfill the 15 duties of an NVMI Staff Member, which are aligned with the 15 duties of an NVMI cadet and 15 duties of an NVMI parent:

15 Duties of an NVMI Teacher/Staff Member:

  1. Strive to provide academic excellence
  2. Promote daily, proper use of the school planner
  3. Work well as a member of teams and departments
  4. Offer engaging lessons that prepare students for college
  5. Communicate with colleagues, students, and parents about student progress
  6. Demonstrate integrity and professionalism
  7. Set and uphold high expectations for your students
  8. Be an active participant in the school community
  9. Practice honest professional judgment
  10. Show pride in your work and appearance
  11. Uphold the Cadet Code of Honor
  12. Follow the three NVMI Golden Rules: Do the right thing, treat others the way you want to be treated, make NVMI and the world a better place
  13. Provide positive reinforcement for a college-going culture
  14. Respect all four pillars: Academics, Athletics, Leadership, Citizenship
  15. Practice self-care and reflection of your professional practices

POSITION TITLE: Assistant Athletic Director for Athlete Health Care and Wellness/Head Athletic Trainer

REPORTS TO: Medical Director/Team Physician and Athletic Director



EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training or related field

CERTIFICATION/LICENSES: Must be BOC certified (Board of Certification, INC) and be willing to (with NVMI support) seek State of California athletic training licensure, certification or registration if and when such is available. NPI Number Required. With support from NVMI, the incumbent will be expected to maintain membership in appropriate professional organizations, including the National Athletic Trainers’ Associations.


  • Applied Knowledge: Candidate must have foundational knowledge in the following domains of clinical practice:

1) Injury and illness prevention and wellness promotion

2) Examination, assessment and diagnosis

3) Immediate and emergency care

4) Therapeutic intervention

5) Health care administration and professional responsibility

  • Decision-Making Skills: Ability to think critically, problem-solve and make clinically independent health care decisions regarding the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and return to play decisions according to current best practices.
  • Work as an integral member of a comprehensive, interprofessional health care team.
  • Attention to Detail: must be thorough and detailed with all required documentation including injury tracking and documentation. Must complete and maintain medical and legal quality patient notes, injury tracking and other required documentation. Abide by FERPA and HIPAA laws.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to communicate effectively in high stress/pressure situations when talking to patients, NVMI emergency medicine practitioners, medical professionals, staff and
  • Must have the ability to organize, prioritize and perform multiple tasks with little or no supervision.
  • Must possess supervisory and teaching skills sufficient to serve as a preceptor to athletic training students from CAATE accredited programs.


  • Master of Science in Athletic Training (MAST)
  • Spanish Bilingual
  • Familiarity with both secondary school and military operations


  • Provide patient-centered care at the highest level as determined by the evidence and best practices, complying at all times with the BOC Standards for Professional Practice and Code of Professional Responsibility.
  • Develop plans for providing athletic training coverage at all interscholastic and appropriate/necessary intramural athletic events, physical education programming, and other appropriate/necessary elements of the school’s Athletics Pillar.
  • Establish and maintain a budget for the athletic training clinic and health care, including
  • Establish hours of operation, staffing plans and SOPs for the athletic training
  • Develop comprehensive venue and condition specific emergency action
  • Initiate and administer an athletic training cadet-medic program in accordance with NVMI guidelines and state law to supplement the school’s Cadet Medic (Emergency Medical Responder) program.
  • Develop and design a new athletic training clinic.
  • Establish a working relationship with both the designated team physician and community physicians.
  • Establish a working relationship with school nursing
  • Complete policies training to include: Mandated Reporter, Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan training and comply with the regulations
  • Maintain adequate medical records on all injuries and rehabilitation procedures IAW NVMI SOP.
  • Develop an athletic training program policies and procedures
  • Develop, offer, and manage coaching professional development for CPR/AED, Concussion, Heat Illness, Sudden Cardiac Death, Sickle Cell, etc.
  • Provide oversight to athletic training students and cultivate the MOU between Cal State Northridge’s MSAT program and NVMI
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) required to provide the best possible health care and wellness promotion to the athletes (e.g. Athletic Training Program Coverage Policy, hours of operation, emergency action plans, etc.).

NUMBER/DESCRIPTION OF PATIENTS RESPONSIBLE FOR: There are currently approximately 750 cadets enrolled at NVMI. All students participate in required intramural athletics in addition to a requirement to take physical education each year of enrollment. In addition, all cadets are expected to participate in at least one interscholastic sport annually. In any given season (fall, winter, spring), the current average number of participating cadets is 150-175 middle school and 225-250 high school.

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: Travel to/from off campus athletic events will be required. NVMI provides government vehicles and may provide bus transportation to/from events. In addition, this position requires participation in an annual Summer Encampment at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in San Diego for a period of approximately two weeks each June.


Work is medium demand. Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects. Medium strength is required to position patients for examination. May assist patients as needed, helping them on and off the exam table and/or bed and/or ground. Must be able to work in outdoor conditions.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Incumbent will supervise athletic training students and cadet medics.


  • Candidate must pass both a Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation background check
  • Evidence of freedom from active tuberculosis required

Please submit a copy of your BOC Certification along with a resume and a cover letter explaining how you embody the job description above to the attention of:

Dr. Mark P. Ryan, Superintendent

North Valley Military Institute

8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd., #295

Sun Valley, CA 91352

Or via email to


NVMI provides fully paid medical, dental, and vision benefits for the employee and participates in a retirement plan. NVMI’s salary is highly competitive.