Military School Job Openings

Location: Roswell, NM
November 15, 2023

New Mexico Military Institute

Employment Opportunity

Academy Prep / Military Career Center Director

About New Mexico Military Institute: NMMI is a state-supported, co-educational college preparatory high school and junior college, complete with Junior and Senior ROTC programs. With a Corps of Cadets numbering up to 1000 young men and women, NMMI provides an accredited college preparatory curriculum on the high school level and a transfer junior college, operating within a conductive military environment.

Position: The Academic Prep/Military Career Center Director is directly responsible to the Vice Dean of NMMI for accomplishing their duties. The Academic Prep/Military Career Center Director is the focal point for all matters concerning NMMI cadets and the five federal service academies. The Academic Prep/Military Career Center Director maintains communication. They coordinate issues between NMMI and each service academy, NMMI prep cadets and NMMI department (i.e., Faculty, Commandant’s staff, Registrar, Infirmary, Business Office, and Admissions), the five service academies, and parents of Cadets, if appropriate. Serves as the academic advisor for Early Commissioning Program (ECP) Cadets who have not declared a concentration. The salary range is $50,000.00 – $60,000.00. The job description is available upon request.


 Coordinates with each service academy or sponsoring organization each year regarding the number of sponsored Cadets entering NMMI and ensures that the NMMI Admissions Office correctly codes and tracks these Cadets’ applications.

 Communicates during Spring and Summer months to ensure that new Cadets and their parents have all inquiries answered.

 Reviews all academic documentation (i.e., high school/college transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, other placement scores) and builds the academic schedule for each Prep.

 Other duties as assigned.

Essential Skills:

 The ability to obtain extensive knowledge of all five Service Academies’ admission requirements, academic

programs, structure, policies, and procedures

 The ability to obtain the knowledge of the congressional, vice-presidential, and presidential Academy Nomination Process.

 Must know about programs and scholarships leading to a commission as an officer in any military branch.

 Must have computer hardware and software knowledge, precisely Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.

 Must maintain good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

 Know the Institute’s mission, purpose, and goals and the role of the physical plant in achieving them.



 Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution supplemented by at least three (3) years of experience with advising, counseling, or related areas.

 Previous military service experience

 Federal Service Academies structure and general operations of the various military branches.

 Ability to obtain the knowledge of the congressional, vice-presidential, and presidential Academy Nomination Process.

 Ability to work in an unsupervised environment.

 Ability to obtain a Master’s degree within five years.


 A Master’s Degree in school counseling, student advising, mental health, or student services by the sixth NMMI contract.

 Eight (8) years of previous military service.

 Five (5) years of experience in education, youth development, or college access.

Why Should You Apply?

 Small class sizes

 Diverse student body

 Curricular rigor and intellectual freedom

 Highly structured institutional culture and classroom management support

 NMMI offers a rich history and tradition of educating tomorrow’s leaders since 1891

 Exceptional workplace culture

 Development and leadership opportunities

 Excellent pay and benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life, and retirement through the State of New Mexico

How to Apply: Send your application, resume, transcripts, cover letter, and letter of interest to the NMMI HR Office located in Luna Hall, 101 W College Blvd, Roswell, NM, 88201, or email Applications are located at: NMMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. NMMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.