Grit for Success

Jan 24, 2018

It seems courage, follow-through, resilience, and excellence – collectively referred to as grit – are in short supply among today’s youth. It ought not to be so, according to expert observers, including University of Pennsylvania professor Angela Duckworth whose research shows grit to be a better predictor of success than talent or I.Q.

Duckworth’s Grit Scale self-test measures how people perceive their own grit level. The short tests ask respondents to grade their reactions to such statements as:

– Setbacks don’t discourage me; I don’t give up easily
– I am a hard worker, I finish whatever I begin
– I have overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge

The self-test works. It’s been given to incoming plebes at West Point at the beginning of the academy’s seven-week Beast Barracks summer training program. Their self-perception of their grit level was a more reliable predictor of whether they would be able to finish the program than their levels of intelligence, leadership potential or physical fitness.

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