Hargrave Eye of the Tiger Cadre

Feb 27, 2019

The Hargrave Military Academy Corps of Cadets is currently building a core group of specially trained cadets able to assume control and train others. The world outside of the safety of Hargrave is dangerous and hard, and our cadets must be prepared to face those challenges with mental and physical toughness.

This group, known as “The Cadre,” consists of cadets who have already earned their Eye of the Tiger qualification and have committed to the needs and requirements of The Cadre. Cadre Members also must hold a 3.5 Academic GPA, 4.0 Military GPA, and be actively seeking leadership roles in the Corps and athletic teams. They must also commit to follow spiritual growth plan as laid out by the Chaplain according to the cadet’s faith.

The Cadre have become a disciplined and cohesive unit by way of rigorous physical and mental training. Members of The Cadre are some of the most disciplined cadets that Hargrave Military Academy has to offer, and that discipline shall carry across all four pillars of Hargrave. Members of The Cadre are the example for all other cadets to emulate. As such, their conduct and character shall be beyond reproach.

The Cadre will be trained to conduct the corps-wide training program for Eye of the Tiger. This Train the Trainer program will cover topics such as Physical Fitness, Obstacle Course, Leader Reaction Course, Basic First Aid, Combat Trauma-Self Aid/ Buddy Aid, Water Confidence Training, Ropes Qualification and Day/ Night Land Navigation.