Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense – Valley Forge Military College

May 10, 2018

The National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have notified Valley Forge Military College (VFMC), the Governor of Pennsylvania, and the United States Congress that VFMC has now been designated a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense 2 Year Education (CAE2Y). This is a remarkable achievement, making VFMC the only two-year college in Pennsylvania, and the only junior military college in the United States with that designation.

According to NSA/DHS, the CAE2Y program is designed to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity workforce by promoting only those colleges and universities that demonstrate an “innovative, comprehensive and multidisciplinary education and training” in cybersecurity. The requirements are extensive and the review process is robust to ensure integrity of the CAE2Y designation.

Maureen Malone, Dean of VFMC, noted “As soon as we could apply for the designation, we did. Graduates of VFMC’s Cybersecurity Certificate Program will now carry the official seals of NSA and DHS on their certificates, which make them unique as candidates applying for jobs in any industry.”

The College’s Cybersecurity Certificate is part of its Justice and Security Studies Program that trains and educates students going into intelligence, national security, emergency management, and law enforcement professions. The program delivers instruction that brings balance to the students’ world-view that allows them to quickly assess situations, identify problems, propose solutions, and supervise their implementation.

Since 1935, VFMC has earned a reputation as a well-renowned co-educational, accredited two-year private college. Young men and women come to VFMC to hold themselves to a higher standard of education and develop to their full potential. Designated as the Military College of Pennsylvania, VFMC provides an educational experience unlike any other in the Commonwealth. The quality academic foundation and individual confidence acquired at VFMC has served many of our graduates as a springboard to academic and personal success.